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SF 182 Form: Why Do you Need It and How Should You Fill it up

SF 182 Form: Why Do you Need It and How Should You Fill it up

The SF 182 also known as an “Authorization Agreement and Certification of Training” is a form used by the office of personnel management in the United States to collect and store employee’s training records. If you receive training from any non-USDA agencies, you will need to fill the SF 182 form. If you attend an external training meeting that requires you to pay a registration fee you will also need to fill SF 182.

Why Do You Need the SF 182 Form

SF 182 will form part of your permanent record as an employee. This form contains all your personal data and information including all the information about the training you have attended. It is a source document that is used to make sure that you are fully qualified to perform your duties in the position that you hold. If you attend training like performance budgeting and all training from non- USDA agency you will need to fill the SF 182 form and the training information will be stored in this form.

How to fill out the SF 182 Form

You will need to fill out various sections including your personal information and information on the training you will be taking.

  • Trainee Information

In this section, you will fill out your personal data which includes your full names, social security number, employee number, date of birth, and your contacts. You are required to fill in your employment information like position level, title, work contact information, and if you require any special considerations. As a trainee, you will also need to fill out your education level.

  • Training Course Information

You will need to fill out details concerning the training course. You will fill out data on the name of the course, codes of the course like training type code, training subtype code, training delivery type code. More information on the training includes training start and end date, training duty hours and non-duty hours, and the training agency information for purposes of training verification. Other relevant training data is filled out in this section.

  • Cost-and-Billing Section

This section requires you to fill all direct and indirect training costs.

  • Approvals Section

The approval section is where your immediate supervisor’s information is filled out. This includes name, address, signature, and date. A second life supervisor also fills in his or her information in this section.

  • Approvals / Concurrence Section

This section includes details of the authorizing official, area code, telephone number, date, email, and signature.

  • Certification-of-training-Completion and Evaluation Section

The information of the authorizing official, area code, date, signature, telephone number, and email address is filled in this section.

SF 182 Form Instructions

You need to fill and submit SF 182 form any time you attend external training. Make sure that your first-line supervisor’s information is captured in the form and that he or she verifies your attendance and the training. It is essential that your immediate supervisor also verifies the completion of your training.

SF 182 at The Performance Institute

The performance institute provides a pre-filled SF 182 form for all the courses offered. You will not waste a lot of time filling the training course data section. This section has been prefilled with all the course codes and relevant course information. The tuition and fees for each course have been filled in the billing section. This will make filling the FS 182 form at the Performance Institute much easier and quicker.


SF 182 form is a requirement any time you are attending external training. It is a permanent part of your record and it helps to ensure employees are qualified to do their job. At The Performance institute, you will conveniently access a prefilled SF182 form for all courses which will save you time when you are attending the training. The Performance Institute offers CPE accredited courses. Among the courses offered are Strategic Planning, Performance Measures and Bench Marking Courses. Contact Us.

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