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Why partner with us

Partnering with the Performance Institute can provide you with a strategic advantage, access to valuable resources, and opportunities for growth. Join us in our mission to elevate performance in public and private organizations.










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What we are looking for in a partner

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Industry Expertise

We want to partner with individuals and organizations who have deep knowledge and experience in the performance management or improvement field and can effectively present our services to potential customers.

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Established Network

We are seeking partners who have an established network of contacts, clients, or customers in the relevant industry or target market. Such partnerships can be invaluable in expanding the reach of our joint success. 

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Allignment with values and brand

Partnering with reputable and credible partners is crucial, as their positive reputation in the industry can reflect positively on both brands and our joint value proposition.

Reliability and Dependibility PI Partners

Reliability and Dependability

Partners who are reliable, consistent, and dependable can be trusted to effectively represent the products or services of the Performance Institute and contribute to a successful partnership.

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Flexibility and Adaptability

Partners who are open to adaptation, willing to collaborate, and can adjust to changing market conditions or business needs can contribute to a successful long-term partnership with us. ​

Steps to become an official partner

Apply to partner with us

Fill out the application form

You will be asked to provide some basic information about your company or individual services. 

Meet eligibility criteria

Our team will review your application

Partners should have experience in the industry, a strong current or potential client base, among others.

Let's make it official

Sign the agreement

Once you have signed the agreement and made the required fee payment, we will announce our partnership and provide you with access to our partner portal.

Onboarding Process

Getting Started with Us!

After becoming an official partner, you will be required to complete the onboarding process. 

Elevate your earnings

Earn up to 30% Commission

Promote PI's Services and Earn up to 30% Commission per Sale!​

Let's grow together

Collaborative growth trajectory

Partnering with the Performance Institute can be a lucrative revenue stream that complements your value proposition and boosts your earnings. 

Ways to engage with us

At the Performance Institute, we value partners who share our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity. We seek like-minded partners who can leverage their industry expertise to effectively promote and implement our solutions. If you believe your organization aligns with our vision, join us as a reseller, affiliate, or referral partner and let's achieve greatness together! ​

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Reseller Partner

Profit margin up to 30%

Earn Up to 30% Profit Margin on Group Training and Consultancy Services.


This program is suitable for: Training and development firms, HR consulting firms, business coaching companies.

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Referral Partner

Profit margin up to 10%

Earn Up to 10% Profit Margin for Referring Potential Clients to Group Training and Consultancy Services.


This program is suitable for: Independent consultants, coaches, and trainers

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Affiliate Partner


Promote individual training courses and earn 1% Revenue Share for each course sold with your code. 


This program is suitable for: Companies or individuals such as bloggers, influencers, or others with a large following on social media, a strong brand, and online presence.


Media Partner

As a media partner, you can gain access to exclusive content, expert insights, and early access to upcoming events.


This program is suitable for: publishers, journalists, media outlets, and bloggers who have a strong online presence. 

Our Partners

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