Our Team

Performance Institute Fellows provide thought leadership, strategic direction and hands-on expertise in expanding the Institute’s work and in advancing its mission to meet the critical issues and challenges facing organizations and governments.

Carl DeMaio is a senior fellow with The Performance Institute (PI), supporting nonpartisan, think tank efforts to improve government performance through the principles of transparency, accountability, performance, and engagement. Carl founded PI in 2000, and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2008. After serving in elected politics, he returned PI to work on government innovation, providing advice to both elected and career government officials on a wide range of government reform topics. Full Bio >>


Ron Bohlin is a senior fellow with The Performance Institute, supporting PI’s work with both government and commercial clients in strategic planning, strategic performance management solutions and continuous learning and improvement programs. Ron is also Chairman of RG Group Inc, the parent organization of Robbins-Gioia Inc. and The Performance Institute.
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Paul Trampert | Director, Budget, Cost and Performance Integration


Paul Trampert, PI’s Director for Budget, Cost and Performance Integration, has over 40 years’ leadership and management experience, including executive-level advisory in both the United States and 23 countries throughout the world. He has extensive experience, including as a Department of the Army Inspector General, designing, implementing, evaluating and integrating budget, cost and performance management systems to improve governance and he has conducted program analysis on behalf of the House Committee on Appropriations. Paul’s vision for consulting is to bring real-world application of innovative thought tempered by experience, and to build capacity to continue innovation in each organization he serves.
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Jenine Serviolo | Consulting Partner, Performance Management


Jenine is a Strategic Management Consultant and Trainer who draws on more than 19 years of experience helping US Federal Agencies articulate and achieve their strategic goals. From helping her clients develop their plans to creatively communicating the message throughout the organization; Jenine leverages her management experience to adeptly translate strategy into action and action into results. Along the way, Jenine facilitates the effective dialogue, key relationships, and information-based decision-making that helps ensure continued success.

Austin Fageol | Director, Outreach


Austin Fageol serves as the Director for Outreach at The Performance Institute. In this role, Austin assists our valued delegates seeking to attend one of PI’s many training forums and showing the value of CGPM, Performance Institute’s certification program.

Jonathan Copeland | Deputy Director, Outreach


Jonathan Copeland serves as a Deputy Director for Outreach at The Performance Institute. In this role, Jonathan assists our valued delegates seeking to attend any number of PI’s many training forums and showing the value of CGPM, Performance Institute’s certification program.

PI Fellows

Christopher Heath | PI Fellow, Enterprise Architecture and Technology


Christopher Heath is the PI Fellow for Enterprise Architecture and Technology. Heath oversees Institute policy research and recommendations to assist federal, state and local government agencies embrace transformational technologies and move beyond legacy systems to improve services to the taxpayer.
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Blossom Tande | PI Fellow, Process Transformation


Blossom Tande is an experienced executive, educator, and Certified Six Sigma Master Blackbelt. She is the owner of Education Connection Solutions, a business consulting firm specializing in training, advisory, lean six sigma deployment, strategy development, change management, and turnaround management. Her clients include well-known nationwide and international organizations.

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