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As a leading think tank in government performance management, The Performance Institute makes its expertise available through white papers and research reports.

New Human Capital Research Program: Government Workforce Performance Optimization

The current realities in federal government, combined with numerous recent directives, put increased focus on prioritization, productivity, performance improvement and the effectiveness of human capital plans. The Performance Institute recently conducted a “current state” survey and helf a series of town hall discussions with senior government officials to explore the greatest areas of concern and opportunity regarding critical human capital needs.

Learn more about the study, and view the results

REPORT: Governing for Results – A Management Agenda for the New Administration

The Performance Institute led a coalition of sixteen good government groups to compile a comprehensive plan for the incoming Administration on a wide-range of federal management improvement issues. This report outlines the status quo of management challenges across federal agencies and recommends improvement initiatives in the following six areas:

  • Leadership and Talent Development
  • Performance Measurement and Data Analytics
  • Digital Government and Transformation
  • Partnerships and Acquisition Reform
  • Employee Engagement
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Read the report

WHITE PAPER: Executing New Initiatives and Performance Analytics in Government

Government leaders have great ideas, but getting those ideas implemented can be a challenge. The Performance Institute outlines a comprehensive methodology for defining and executing strategy within government programs – complete with performance measures to report mission results. In this White Paper, we cover the top challenges that impede effective strategy execution in government and walk-through the methodologies to drive real improvements in mission results.

Read the white paper

WEBINAR: Budgeting for Results in Government

Government programs always face tight budgets and are under pressure to justify their budget requests using performance goals, measures and evidence. The Performance Institute has a step-by-step methodology for helping government programs improve their budget justifications and show results to decision-makers. Watch this intensive webinar to learn about this methodology.

Day One
Day Two

WEBINAR: How to Manage Difficult Government Employees

Those responsible for managing government employees often believe they have little or no authority, or the best way (or the least difficult way) to deal with problem employees is to not deal with them. But even one difficult employee can negatively influence efficiency and bring down the morale of a team.

In this 60-minute webinar, Stewart Liff discusses How to Manage Difficult Government Employees and helps viewers learn how to identify and manage difficult government employees and shares:

  • Five warning signs of a difficult employee
  • How to handle difficult government employees
  • What steps you can take to terminate a government employee

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