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Are you looking for a quantum leap in your government career? Then GPS 2020 is the answer

By Performance Institute
April 30, 2021

The Performance Institute aims to promote and improve performance in the public and private sector by adopting transparency, engagement, accountability, and excellent performance. To achieve this goal, The Performance Institute conducts its annual event: Government Performance Summit (GPS) in collaboration with other development partners. Since 1999, GPS has trained thousands of global leaders, media observers, and government employees who strive to raise the corporate ladder.

Why should you attend GPS20?

GPS 2020 is a special one, not only because of the awesome speakers lined up but because it represents a ray of hope in the wake of a global pandemic. To overcome the hurdle of social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19, this year's edition will be held as a virtual event from September 29th to October 1st 2020. However, if you prefer to attend onsite, that option is available for up to 30 people. Register today to book your place. 

This year's edition seeks to bring together executive, legislature, state and local leaders, as well as industry captains in finance, communication, and data analytics. The network of speakers and attendees for GPS20, are policymakers in the state, local, private and federal sector.

This event will attract hundreds of visionary, thoughtful, and iconic leaders around the globe with a vision for transparency, accountability, and excellent performance in the government and private sector. Our focus is one of the essential instruments of development, which is governance. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many weak links in governance, and our vision is to reshape the attitude and mentality towards the subject.

Innovations and data-driven strategies to improve government performance.

The Theme of GPS 2020 is “Harness innovations and data-driven strategies to improve government performance“. The conversation will be spearheaded by Jeffrey Yefsky, Performance Institute's CEO alongside these iconic speakers:

  • John Bates will be speaking about harnessing your communication skills for effective leadership. To be a leader, you must do more than leading. You must motivate, lead, inspire, and encourage your followers. John Bates is known as the pioneer of neurological speaking, which is the art of speaking to people biologically. Expect to understand the neurobiology concept and how to harness it to get to the top.
  • Allison Cordell will speak on harnessing transparency in the state, local, and city leadership. Ever wondered why Maryland is one of the fast-rising states in technological adoption in governance? Allison Cordell, the Deputy Legislative officer in Maryland, will speak on the processes and systems that Maryland has adopted that have led to improved service delivery. Expect to learn how to combine technology, processes, and interaction in mainstreaming leadership and governance.
  • How do you conduct your performance measurement? Do you measure the right thing. Performance Measurement by Heather Bray will take you through strategies and systems to design the appropriate KPI (key performance index) for your business. Expect to understand the systems, processes, and principles that affect organizational performance and how to include them in your performance measurement.
  • Enterprise Risk Management is a critical aspect of the success of federal and state governments. Joshua Vogel, Director of Strategy and General Administration Services at Performance Institute, will discuss integrating strategic plans to risk management as a drive to improve accountability and transparency in government. As you develop strategies and performance framework, it is critical to understand and outline the potential risks at the micro and macro levels in your organization. At the end of this session, expect to know how to use insights from data analytics to improve risk mitigation and response in your agency.

Join PGS20

Expect to expand your network, meet new partners, solve problems, and give your ideas towards improving governance in your state, city, and country. GPS 2020 is a great platform to earn professional distinction and your required CPE credits.

As a leading partner in innovation, research, and policymaking in government, our Certification program is one of the most competitive, credible, and respected in the industry. We acknowledge the support and partnership of our sponsors, including AFERM, Balance Scorecard Institute, COE and Spartan Solutions, whose contribution has made a lasting impact in our programs, events, and training.

Above all, expect to have fun, expand your thoughts, and gain a thorough understanding of governance. Visit our website and register today.

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