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Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) course provides a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role ERM plays within an organization. The course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage risks, align priorities, and foster a risk-aware culture. 




1 Day (8 Hours)


$ 1,095 USD
Virtual-Live | Instructor Led


Thursday - Friday


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Planning from the Top Down and Executing from the Bottom Up 

Navigate the intricate landscape of organizational risk, learning how to strategically align priorities, actions, and culture with an acceptable risk appetite, fostering a resilient business strategy. 

Program Benefits

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Deliver Efficient Solutions for Your Agency

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Who should attend

We invite and encourage individuals at all levels of government (Federal, State, Local) to participate in this course. You will discover this program to be particularly advantageous if you are responsible for leading teams and fostering growth within an agency.

colleaguesOur most frequent attendees are:

  • Change leaders
  • Project managers
  • Change management practitioners
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • IT professionals

attendeesAttend with a Colleague

If you attend the same program date with one or more colleagues, your teammates will each receive a $500 discount. The first person to register for that date will pay the full program fee and additional colleagues will receive the $500 discount. For questions email: info@performanceinstitute.org

Learning Objectives

Strategic Role of ERM

Understand the pivotal role of ERM in organizational success, emphasizing its contribution to strategic decision-making and long-term resilience. 

Aligning Priorities with Risk Appetite

Learn how to align organizational priorities, actions, and culture with an acceptable level of risk, ensuring a balanced approach to risk-taking that supports business objectives.

Risk Identification and Assessment

Gain proficiency in the basic steps, techniques, and concepts for identifying and assessing organizational risks, enabling proactive risk management strategies. 

ERM Governance Structure

Identify best practices for establishing an effective ERM governance structure, providing a foundation for a robust risk management framework aligned with organizational objectives. 

Course Agenda


Establishing an Organization’s Risk Environment

  • Defining Risk Management

  • Establishing a context for ERM 


Risk Identification and Assessment

  • Risk Identification
  • Developing a Risk Statement 
  • Assessing the Impact and Likelihood of a Risk


Responding to Risks

  • Prioritizing Risks 
  • Tools for Responding to a Risk 
  • Writing a Risk Response Plan 
  • Understanding Internal Controls 


Creating a Risk Management Culture

  • Establishing ERM Governance 
  • Change Management 
  • Monitoring Risks 


As a course participant, you will gain access to:

  • The program workbook and handouts (if available)
  • Two-year access to our training platform, where you'll be able to revisit course materials and presentations
  • Early access to whitepapers, videos, webinars, and blogs


Credits from the following organizations ar  available by completing this program.



Other helpful resources

brochure-59The program at a glance | Download our Brochure

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tips&email-59-1Securing support for certification | Download justification tips & email

After the program

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Once you complete Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management you will receive a digital badge and certificate accrediting your CPE Credits.

Celebrate your course completion by sharing your digital badge or certificate on your resume, and on social media platforms.

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