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Managing Strategic Change

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors prepare their employees to adapt and thrive while undergoing strategic change initiatives.  

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Measure, Strategize, Organize, and improve

Traditionally, major change initiatives have neglected to adequately prepare the workforce for change, leading to widespread resistance among employees and a high failure rate.  This course provides the know-how to plan and implement change initiatives successfully by helping each affected employee to transition to a new end-state successfully. 

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Use change management to help your organization achieve strategic goals and objectives

Assess your organization’s readiness for change and the likelihood of a successful initiative

Increase Dedication

Learn to develop the operational plans necessary to prepare the organization adequately for change 

Complete Involvement

Utilize several strategy suggestions to enhance the results of change management activities

Course Agenda

Module 1-  Introduction and Overview
  • How are strategic goals and objectives achieved through the change process?
  • How do we assess your organization’s readiness for change?
  • What are the critical elements of a change strategy?
Module 2-  The Process of Strategic Change
  • ​​Define your current, transition, and future state
  • Understand the technical side of a change initiative
  • Identify the connection between change management and project management
  • Learn about the three overlapping phases of change management
Module 3- Assess Change Readiness
  • Estimate the size and scope of change and evaluate how your organization has handled change in the past
  • Anticipate where resistance to change may occur in your organization, so you can plan for mitigation
  • Assemble team members with the right attitudes and competencies
  • Identify employees who can be effective change agents and prepare them for the role
  • Identify potential sponsors within management personnel and assess their capability for providing strong sponsorship
Module 4- Plan and Implement a Change Strategy
  • Help people succeed in a changing environment
  • Integrate all your change management plans into the overall project plan
  • Execute change management activities effectively throughout the initiative 
Module 5- Monitor Results and Correct
  • Gather feedback during change implementation to assess implementation success
  • Monitor implementation to confirm that employees are complying with the change and adapting to new processes
  • Detect pockets of resistance and take corrective action
  • Use key influencers when needed to mitigate resistance
  • Transfer ownership of the change (once implemented) to the function/process owner

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Course Instructor

Thomas Dobrydney


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