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Fostering Continuous Change

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors prepare their employees develop a capacity to adapt effectively in an environment of continuous change. 

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Employee engagement can reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency

This course provides managers and supervisors with strategies to help the workforce make sense of constant change and develop adaptive responses In a VUCA environment (i.e., one characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), employees may be called upon to react and adapt to changes occurring almost daily in their work environment.

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Communicate the importance of change management activities to initiative success 
Understand the psychology behind how employees are impacted by the change in their work environment 
Set priorities for operational-level, management-level, and support-level personnel to improve individual, team, and group performance, and leverage learning strategically 
Encourage the workforce to take advantage of change opportunities they face in Routine, Complex, and Innovation operations 

Course Agenda

Module 2- Why is Change Management Important?
  • Define change management and the types of change response
  • ​Understand the value that people and culture have in the change process
  • Identify typical failures
Module 3- Psychology of Change
  • Learn about developmental change and its importance
  • Understand the difference between transitional and transformational change​
  • Analyze the impact change can have on your employees
Module 4-  Employee Resistance to Change
  • Identify resistance factors and learn how to deal with them
  • Learn about helpful communication practices to transmit your messages in a better way
  • Plan communications that address employee engagement factors
Module 5- What is Continuous Change?
  • Understand the VUCA world: its benefits, challenges, and possibilities
  • Identify new talents need it in your workforce
  • Understand the importance of continuous learning and growing
Module 6- Learning to Adapt: Operational Level
  • Recognize the role active learning plays at an operational level
  • Promote knowledge transfer among team members
  • Analyze weak links between your team and work to overcome them
Module 7- Learning to Adapt: Management Level
  • ​Create a positive learning environment within your team and organization
  • Transform your learning culture to adapt to plan and unexpected change
Module 8- Learning to Adapt: Support Level
  • Acknowledge the importance of support function roles ​to enhance the learning capacity and capabilities of your team
Module 9- Adaptive Performance for Routine Operations
  • Learn how to shift from low value to high value work
  • Recognize the importance of providing teams and people autonomy over their work
Module 10- Adaptive Performance for Complex Operations
  • Gain trust and responding to complex situations
  • Create tailored approaches to difficult and complex situation​s
  • Empower employees to analyze and solve operational problems
Module 11-  Adaptive Performance for Innovation Operations
  • Remove obstacles to an innovative culture
  • Capitalize on employees with a persistent sense of curiosity
  • Recruit employees that actively network with colleagues
  • Promote a “future-back” mindset at all organizational levels​​
Module 12-  Strategies for Adapting to Continuous Change
  • Improve your decision-making skills 
  • Prepare employees ahead of time with an ability to adapt on their own

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Course Instructor

Thomas Dobrydney


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