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Encouraging Employee Learning

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors guide employees toward increasing their learning capacity and contribute their knowledge to achieve the organization’s strategic and operational priorities.  

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Getting employees exposed to relevant and consistent training

The increasing pace of change in the workplace necessitates that employees adapt quickly by learning, un-learning, and re-learning effectively. Enhancing employee learning capacity is one of the multiple aspects of building a workforce that is adaptive to strategic and operational change. 

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Persuade employees that continuous learning is important to work performance 
Help employees develop or enhance the learning skills and abilities 
Guide employees to learn about topics that will be useful to them, to their careers, and to the organization 
Encourage employees to reach beyond traditional formal training opportunities by exploring informal, social, and experiential opportunities 

Course Agenda

Module 1-  Introduction And Overview
  • Why is employee learning is important?
  • Where can employees find learning opportunities?
  • How can employees learn in multiple contexts?
  • How can employee learning build enterprise learning?
  • What strategies can encourage employee learning?
Module 2- Rationale for Employee Learning
  • Identify the Four Principles of Adult Learning and Five Moments of Learning Need
  • Learn employees needs to develop self-directed learning behaviors
  • Explore learning & development options​ other than training
  • Differentiate personal from organizational learning and how can each benefit your employee
Module 3- Building Learning Skills and Abilities
  • Awaken employees' curiosity and help rebuild their capacity for learning
  • ​Reflect on information sources that would meet the needs of employees in the workplace
  • Develop ways to collect  and organize learning for later use
  • Consider whether your own learning capacity needs to be re-energized
Module 4- Finding Learning Opportunities
  • Understand development opportunities that can positively impact key engagement drivers
  • Identify useful knowledge and ideas adjacent to work​
  • Help employees identify how to acquire skills and expertise to perform work responsibilities
  • Learn how to guide employees to work-related learning to help them and the organization
Module 5-  Engaging in Learning Activity
  • Understand the shared responsibilities of employees, managers and Learning & Development
  • Identify ways on how employees learn at work
  • Enable employee growth by providing learning
Module 6-  Contribution to Organizational Learning​
  • Identify contributing factors of an employee's job role role to organizational learning
  • Learn how to improve personal and collective performance
  • Learn how to quicken knowledge acquisition and transfer
Module 7-  Strategies for Improving Employee Learning​
  • Learn how to enhance employee satisfaction by providing learning opportunities aligned to motivation and purpose
  • Determine adaptive ways to practice continuous learning at all levels of the organization
  • Understand how to increase employee contribution aligned to performance expectation
  • Determine ways to encourage knowledge transfer to build an adaptive performance capability

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Course Instructor

Thomas Dobrydney


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