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Introduction to Performance-Based Budgeting Concepts


In this course, you will learn a proven ten-step approach to integrate your budget and performance planning processes and help alleviate program resourcing issues.


Planning from the top down; executing from the bottom up

A critical factor in managing successful programs is estimating, budgeting, and obtaining the resources sufficient to achieve strategic aims. As a program manager, one of your responsibilities is to estimate the resources required to achieve program outcomes and obtain them through the budgeting process. To estimate resources accurately, you will need a clear understanding of your program (e.g., outcomes, tasks, timing, resources, etc.), and you will need to justify the resulting budget request to stakeholders. What if you could link resource requirements directly to performance (i.e., a performance-based budget), demonstrating how specific outcomes can be achieved with a given set of resources?

Budget and Performance Foundations

Review the foundations of budgets and the budgeting process to see the opportunities for linking formulation with performance planning

Performance-Based Budget Basics

Discover how a strategic plan can drive a program’s budget process and how a logic model can illuminate the connection between budget and performance

Overcoming Common PBB Issues

Identify common policy, process, and people issues that may impact introduction of performance-based budgeting and learn how to mitigate them

Link Budget with Performance for Program Success

Programs may often fail where budgeted resources aren’t sufficient to achieve strategy aimsLearn to  alleviate this problem by integrating the budget and performance planning processes 


Module 1 - Program Management Improvement

  • The foundations of planning & budgeting in government
  • How federal budget acts impact budgetary considerations and steps
  • How to ensure the budget is coordinated  between departments

Module 2 - Foundations of Performance-Based Budgeting

  • How the strategic plan drives performance-based budget formulation
  • How decision making has shifted to ensure performance based decisions are included
  • The importance of the four critical elements of performance budgeting

Module 3 - Performance Budgeting

  • Building a performance-based budget
  • The Performance Institute's 10 Steps to Build a Performance-Based Budget
  • Identifying actions that can be taken when capacity and requirements are out of balance

Module 4 - Issues and Wrap-up

  • Identify current budget issues that can and cannot be overcome by a performance based budge
  • Understanding the issues that must be overcome to ensure a the budget is not wasteful and has impact on the organizations goals.
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