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Improving Program Performance in Government


Learn how to improve program performance in Government through an understanding the four phases of program management and how portfolios, programs, and projects cooperate to ensure program success

About the course

Aligning, Designing, Managing & Evaluating the Performance of Programs

Programs often fail to achieve desired outcomes due to a combination of people, process, and communication factors. Learn to alleviate this problem with mature Program Management practices

Program Management Foundations

Review how programs are established as investments designed to pursue organizational goals and objectives, and how they provide a framework for project management and execution

Portfolios, Programs, and Projects

Develop an understanding of the “3 Ps” – Portfolios, Programs, and Projects - including the purpose of each, how they are interdependent, and how each differs from the others.

Four Phases of Program Management

Identify and learn how to manage the four phases of the program life cycle – Pre-Program Preparation, Program Initiation, Delivery of Program Benefits, and Program Closure.

Achieving Program Success

Discover reasons why programs fail and how a mature Program Management Office will assess program risk and complexity levels and “right-size” its activities to mitigate program failure.


Module 1 - Introduction to Program Management

  • An introduction to program management
  • Portfolio management,and program management
  • Portfolio and organizational goal alignment


Module 2 - Pre-program Preperation

  • Pre-program preparation
  • Building portfolios around capabilities
  • Assessing investment support for strategies

Module 3 - Program Initiation

  • Program Initiation
  • identification and analysis of stakeholders

Module 4 - Program Setup

  • Program Setup
  • Organizational breakdown structure
  • Cost management and life cycle

Module 5 - Delivery of Program Benefits

  • Delivery of program benefits
  • Project risk
  • Process improvement

Module 6 - Program Closure

  • Program closure
  • Identify and notify stakeholders
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What Clients Are Saying

The content of the sessions and presentations was informative, thought-provoking, motivational and extremely educational for me and my team.

Maria F.
GPS 2021 Attendee