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Improving Program Management in Government 


In this course, you will learn how to plan, prepare, schedule, and continuously improve an evidence-based performance evaluation process for program management success.

Driving Innovation and Improved Outcomes

As a program manager, you must review program performance and overcome common issues that often stand as impediments to operational performance and program success. You are challenged to detect, examine, and clearly understand these issues without supporting evidence; even more difficult to find strategies to mitigate or eliminate them. With an effective evidence-based program evaluation process, you will be better equipped to determine program performance and effectiveness.

Evaluation Review Implementation

Establish a five (5) step program evaluation review process, including tips on how to plan, prepare, and schedule reviews and continuously improve their effectiveness

Program Performance Improvement

Determine where to improve performance by evaluating a program against a performance management maturity model consisting of ten (10) distinct performance indicators

Mature Your Program Management Capacity

Government programs must be evaluated periodically against the outcomes they were established and funded to achieveLearn how to apply evidence-based performance evaluation to do this effectively. 

Evidence-Based Program Reviews

Discover the benefits of using evidence-based reviews to determine program effectiveness, along with the criteria, skills, and preparation steps to conduct reviews


Module 1 - Foundations of Performance-Based Budgeting

  • Utilization of the 3 P's -  Portfolio, Program, and Project management
  • Understanding how Portfolios, Programs, and Projects interact and the importance of their alignment
  • The importance of roles being designated based on skills

Module 2 - Assess your Capability to Conduct Evidence-Based Performance Reviews

  • Using evidence-based analysis to ensure programs align to program goals and meet or exceed output targets
  • How to Approach an evidence based analysis
  • Along with identifying the weaknesses of the status quo

Module 3 - Build Implementation Plans and Prepare for your annual Portfolio Reviews

  • Pre-planning a programs road map to ensure goals are planned ahead of time
  • Explanation of the steps for planning and preparing
  • The use of the government performance logic model to ensure you are setting a meeting expectations

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