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Program Evaluation and Evidence-Based Analysis

Demonstrate the highest level of expertise in government performance with our Advanced Government Performance Manager certificate. 

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GAIN EXPERTISE in the analysis of evidence

PEEBA is designed for individuals who will lead or play a key execution role in performance improvement initiatives in their organization focusing on the evaluation of programs using quantitative and situational analysis

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Learn how to develop and answer evaluation questions about program achievements

Take Advantage of proven processes for evaluation planning, performance management, and program reviews

Strenghten accountability to support organizational growth and progress, particularly for budget request justifications

Utilize Evidence-Based Analysis to justify budget requests and secure grant funding while stimulating innovation

Course Agenda

Module 1- Understand Program Evaluation Requirements
  • Examine the GPRA 2010 requirements
  • Explore the Administration’s increased emphasis on evaluation
Module 2- Focus Your Inquiry: Understand how Evaluation Affects Program Assessment and Contributes to Management
  • Learn basic evaluation terms
  • Explore the basic steps in an evaluation
Module 3- Discover Key Tools Through the Logic Model to Understand Your Program and Plan Your Evaluation and Evidence-Based Analysis
  • Learn what a logic model is and itsbenefits
  • Discover how to create a conceptual model of your program
  • Explore examples of other logic models
Module 4- Continue To Focus Your Inquiry And Develop Evaluation Questions
  • Learn how to identify key evaluation questions from your program logic model
  • Building a Use Case
Module 5- Develop Indicators to Answer Evaluation Questions
  • Learn how to develop appropriateindicators
  • Identify key performance measures withinyour evaluation
Module 6- Consider Contextual Issues That Can Influence Assessments of Program Effectiveness
  • Learn how the logic model aids in identifying external influences that can help or hinder your program’s success
  • Understand why and how external contextual factors must and can be controlled in an evaluation of your program
Module 7- Develop Your Evaluation Plan
  • Identify best-fit indicators to answer your evaluation questions
  • Review the common methods appropriate for various types of federal programs
  • Answer various types of evaluation questions
  • Know when and where to obtain technical help to plan and conduct your evaluation
Module 8- Implementation of your Evaluation Plan – Collect Data
  • Learn how the logic model aids in identifying external influences that can help or hinder your program’s success
  • Understand why and how external contextual factors must and can be controlled in an evaluation of your program
Module 9-  Interpret and analyze the data
  • Learn common ways to store and manipulate data
  • Use common quantitative and qualitative analytic approaches
Module 10-  Evidence-Based Analysis
  • 5 key criterion for effective evidence-based analysis
  • Evaluating your evidence for quality andrelevance
  • Analysis – How to show linkage to impact
  • Assessment – What the evidence suggests for performance improvement

Why Learn With The Performance Institute?

Subject Matter Experts
We provide cutting-edge expertise in the design, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to solve operational challenges and enhance individual, managerial and organizational performance.
Proved Methodology
The Certified Government Performance Manager (CGPM) program helps organizations build strategy and performance management competencies across all levels of government.
CPE/ NASBA Accredited
Performance Institute is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.
Course Instructor

Steve Olkewicz

Senior Fellow

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What is The Performance Institute?

The Performance Institute is a nonpartisan, private think tank seeking to improve public and private sector performance through the principles of transparency, accountability, performance and engagement. We provide CPE and NASBA accredited trainings and certifications in performance-related areas, such as benchmarking, strategic planning, and emotional intelligence.