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Operational Change Management Week

This week-long training integrates complementary concepts around human motivation for change.  Each course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to drive successful change initiatives.  At the same time, participants will also learn to boost workforce agility through enhanced team member engagement, learning, and performance

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Identify and discuss potential areas for employee performance improvement

Change Management Week is an excellent opportunity for government agencies seeking an effective response to increasing complexity and relentless change.  Participants will learn a people-centric approach to building an agile and adaptive organization. 

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Evaluate Your Team Correctly

Understand how an effective evaluation and feedback process enhances an employee’s capacity to perform  

Drive Your Team Efforts Towards Priorities

Prioritize for operational-level, management-level, and support-level personnel to improve the individual, team, and group performance, and leverage learning strategically 

Motivate Your Team

Encourage employees to reach beyond traditional formal training opportunities by exploring informal, social, and experiential opportunities 

Increase Your Team's Involvement

Leverage an employee’s sense of purpose (personal, role, and organizational) to increase commitment  


Our OCM Week has been designed with 5 specialized courses focused on different branches within the Operational Change Management and Human Capital scope, which will help us to lay the foundations and build the necessary knowledge to help you achieve your objectives.

Facilitating Employee Engagement

Nov 29 - 8 CPE Credits

Employee engagement is one of the multiple aspects of building a workforce that is adaptive to strategic and operational change.

Encouraging Employee Learning

Nov 30 - 8 CPE Credits

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors guide employees toward increasing their learning capacity and contribute their knowledge to achieve the organization’s strategic and operational priorities. 

Evaluating Employee Performance

Dec 1 - 8 CPE Credits

Boosting an employee’s performance mindset is one of the multiple aspects of building a workforce that is adaptive to strategic and operational change. 

Fostering Continuous Change

Dec 2 - 8 CPE Credits

Empower employees to make daily continuous improvements. This course provides managers and supervisors with strategies to help the workforce make sense of constant change and develop adaptive responses. ​

Managing Strategic Change

Dec 3 - 8 CPE Credits

This course provides the know-how to plan and implement change initiatives successfully by helping each affected employee to transition to a new end-state successfully. 

Why Learn With The Performance Institute?

Subject Matter Experts
We provide cutting-edge expertise in the design, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to solve operational challenges and enhance individual, managerial and organizational performance.
Proved Methodology
The Certified Government Performance Manager (CGPM) program helps organizations build strategy and performance management competencies across all levels of government.
CPE/ NASBA Accredited
Performance Institute is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.
Course Instructor

Thomas Dobrydney


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What is The Performance Institute?

The Performance Institute is a nonpartisan, private think tank seeking to improve public and private sector performance through the principles of transparency, accountability, performance and engagement. We provide CPE and NASBA accredited trainings and certifications in performance-related areas, such as benchmarking, strategic planning, and emotional intelligence.