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Sponsor an Event


Get Brand Exposure and Access to Government Decision Makers

As a conference and training provider, The Performance Institute is an expert in bringing together leaders in government to share and discuss best practices and innovations in management. We recognize that this exclusive access to decision-makers in government is valuable, and we frequently connect these government executives with respected solutions providers.

Exclusive Events at The Performance Institute

With over 100 events per year, the Institute is an expert at researching events and attracting an audience. We can help design, promote and fulfill events that put your organization at the forefront of policy development and give you one-on-one access to senior leaders.

Executive Dialogue Moderator Position your company as the thought leaders in high-performance management by addressing an entire executive roundtable of your key prospects. Benefits Include:


  • Platinum Sponsorship Package Benefits
  • Moderator and company logo featured on brochure
  • Opening Remarks to Captive Audience
  • Prominently Featured Logo on Session Signage
Webinar Sponsor Gain additional brand exposure and even more contacts after the event by sponsoring a webinar. Work with the Institute to develop a topic and handpick your targets. Benefits Include:


  • Platinum Sponsorship Package Benefits
  • Click-through logo featured on webinar website
  • Verbal recognition of webinar sponsorship
  • Contact information provided during webinar
  • Access to post-webinar contact list

Sponsorship Opportunities at The Performance Institute Events

The Performance Institute has a suite of services that have been very successful in increasing exposure and face-time with senior leaders in government. Some popular options include:

  • Event Co-Sponsor: An exclusive opportunity to sponsor one track during day one or two of the event and present one general breakout session.
  • Track Sponsor: Includes sponsorship and co-presentation for two general breakout sessions within a desired track.
  • Session Sponsor: Includes sponsorship and co-presentation of one general breakout session within desired track.
  • Luncheon Sponsor: Includes sponsorship of lunch, held on day one and two in the expo hall ballroom.
  • Cocktail Hour Sponsor: Includes sponsorship of the Cocktail Reception, which will be held on day one in the expo hall ballroom.
  • Breakfast Sponsor: Includes sponsorship of Breakfast, which will be held on day one and two in the expo hall ballroom.
  • Exhibit Booth Sponsor: Includes an exhibit booth during day one and two in the expo hall ballroom.

All of these sponsorship packages include the following benefits:

  • General Promotion, Co-Branding and Pre-Event Marketing
  • Track Sponsor and Speaking Roles
  • On-Site Exposure and Branding
  • Complimentary Exhibit Space and booth
  • Post-event Exposure

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