New Human Capital Research Program: Government Workforce Performance Optimization

The current realities in federal government, combined with numerous recent directives, put increased focus on prioritization, productivity, performance improvement and the effectiveness of human capital plans. Over the coming months, The Performance Institute will conduct a “current state” survey and hold a series of town hall discussions with senior government officials to explore the greatest areas of concern and opportunity regarding critical human capital needs. Additional research will identify and describe best practices for addressing those needs.

Workforce Challenges, Analytics and Planning: How government can assess current and future workload and workforce capabilities to identify needed changes and forecast the workforce profile needed in coming years (Town Hall #1 mid-October)

Restructuring, Performance Innovation and Workforce Deployment: How government leadership and HR functions can work together to execute program restructuring, process improvements, technology modernization, and human capital strategies to maximize productivity (Town Hall #2 November 9, 2017)

Workforce Development, Employee Engagement and Transformational Leadership: How government can better communicate, engage, develop and reward individual employees to maximize performance, and develop the leadership capabilities to successfully execute major improvement programs (Town Hall #3 early December)

Policy Change: What changes in government-wide policies and legislation would unleash the maximum performance potential of the government workforce and what should executive-level leaders in government do to initiate workforce changes within their individual agencies

This study offers a unique and groundbreaking approach to help government organizations optimize the performance of their workforce to meet current requirements and achieve their most important long term goals. A complete report on findings from this research program, including documentation of numerous Best Practice examples, will be released in the Spring of 2018.

The Government Workforce Performance Optimization research program is being undertaken in collaboration with subject matter experts from Suntiva, Grant Thornton, Qlik, and Learning Tree, and is being hosted by Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership.