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The Problem with Requirements: Why is it Still a Problem?

Understanding Persistent Problems and Offering New Perspectives

Oracle Cover_v2Given the number of software projects that companies deliver late, spend too much on, and don’t meet business needs, requirements—a major contributing factor to project failures—continue to be a major problem. Yet, despite the persistence of the problem, some very basic questions remain:

  • Why haven’t organizations been able to effectively address the requirements problem?
  • In organizations that have made improvements, what actions have had the biggest impact?

The Performance Institute (PI) is pleased to announce its latest research report, The Problem with Requirements: Why is it Still a Problem? PI undertook this initiative with Robbins Gioia and Blueprint to get to the root of the requirements problem and provide actionable advice.

Findings Were Enlightening

The results PI found were informative as the research uncovered the issues that lead to the “requirements problem” organizations experience today:

  • The top five issues at the root of the requirement problem
  • Recommended practices for addressing the issues head-on
  • What is needed to eradicate the requirements problem—once and for all

To download a FREE copy of this report (a $125 value), infographic, and executive summary covering the problems, and the solutions, simply fill out the form below.

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