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The Performance Institute is pleased to present the Performance Management Regional Roundtables (PMRR), a series of events for local government leaders to engage in conversations to address vital topics such as workforce management, the CARES act, climate change, and more. These events aim to support local leaders in anticipating and understanding the challenges facing their work and communities, identifying opportunities for improvement, and developing plans to achieve their goals.


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Expert-led sessions 

Expert-led sessions on increasing efficiencies and improving processes, with a focus on measurable results in programs and agencies

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Key Takeaways

Takeaways and resources to apply in your own work and community

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Networking opportunities with fellow local government leaders and subject matter experts

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Insights from industry leaders with experience in implementing successful efficiency and process improvement initiatives


The Performance Institute will host two regional events in 2023 for State & Local government organizations. The regionals are led by subject matter experts as well as industry leaders well versed in implementing increased efficiencies, and improved processes with quantitative results acknowledged by their programs and agencies, each event will have a unique theme and focus. Join us to learn from your peers, share your cities' best practices, and network with other local city leaders. 


San Diego, CA

March 30th, 2023

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September, 2023

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