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Transferring Knowledge to Transform Government

PI Fellows | Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio is a senior fellow with The Performance Institute (PI), supporting nonpartisan, think tank efforts to improve government performance through the principles of transparency, accountability, performance, and engagement. Carl founded PI in 2000, and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2008. After serving in elected politics, he returned PI to work on government innovation, providing advice to both elected and career government officials on a wide range of government reform topics.

About Carl

Carl has authored numerous reform proposals at the federal, state, and local levels of government and guided successful implementation of those proposals with both elected and career officials. He is a nationally-recognized expert in a variety of government management topics including performance management, workforce transformation, program redesign, budget efficiencies, process improvement, acquisition and partnerships, and leadership of major change initiatives.

While serving on the San Diego City Council from 2008 – 2012, Carl helped define and implement a series of reforms that helped save that city from bankruptcy while improving service quality to citizens.

In his role at PI, Carl also oversees the 2016 Transition to Governance Initiative that features a series of Town Hall forums designed to develop federal management reform recommendations for the next Administration to consider. The project is modeled after a similar project Carl spearheaded in 2000 that helped shape federal management reform policy for more than a decade.


  • Councilmember, City of San Diego 2008 – 2012
  • Chief Executive Officer, The Performance Institute
  • Chief Executive Officer, American Strategic Management Institute
  • Appointee, Executive Office of the President, White House Service Acquisition Reform Commission
  • Director of Planning, The Congressional Institute
  • Senior Fellow, The Reason Foundation
  • Chairman, Reform California
  • Chairman, California Citizens Budget Project


  • Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, Bachelors in International Politics and Business
  • Certification in Change Management, OD Resources 1996