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Transferring Knowledge to Transform Government

Performance Institute Events

Workforce Analytics for Government (webinar)

UPDATE: New Workforce Mandates in Trump Administration

Meet New Trump Workforce Mandates
Use workforce analytics to generate the data and analysis you need to comply with HR mandates for restructuring and reduction of your workforce

9:00AM – Overview of New Federal Workforce Restructuring Mandates – OMB Memo and Guidance

Refine agency data to determine real FTE baselines
Examine total personnel cost
Revise organizational structure and position structures
Streamline policy creation
Review positions as vacancies occur
Keep positions current – in pace with technology advances
Maximize employee performance through effective performance communication and reviews
Train managers and staff
Establish real-time manager support mechanisms

10:00AM – Strategies for Using HRStat and Data Driven Analysis to Transform the Government Workforce

5 CFR§ 250.207 specifies that the Chief Human Capital Officer of each applicable agency: “must design, implement and monitor agency human capital policies and programs that—
(a) Use the HRStat quarterly reviews, in coordination with the agency Performance Improvement Officer (PIO), to assess the agency’s progress toward meeting its strategic and performance goals;
(b) Implement the HRStat Maturity guidelines specified by OPM; and
(c) Use HRStat quarterly reviews to evaluate their agency’s progress.”

HR Stat is just the starting point. This session will provide multiple strategies for using data to analyze and transform the government workforce.

11:00AM – Harnessing Existing Data to Produce HR Insight: Visier Case Study

Visier has worked with a multitude of organizations in standing up Workforce Analytics initiatives from scratch. You will be surprised how much data you already have on your workforce and how much data can easily be obtained and utilized in a full-scale analytics effort. Learn the best practices for getting your government workforce analytics effort going and how to glean the most insight from it.

  • May 24, 2017
    8:00 am - 12:00 pm