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Transferring Knowledge to Transform Government

Paul Trampert

Paul Trampert | Director, Cost and Performance Integration


Paul Trampert, PI’s Director for Budget, Cost and Performance Integration, has over 40 years’ leadership and management experience, including executive-level advisory in both the United States and 23 countries throughout the world. He has extensive experience, including as a Department of the Army Inspector General, designing, implementing, evaluating and integrating budget, cost and performance management systems to improve governance and he has conducted program analysis on behalf of the House Committee on Appropriations. Paul’s vision for consulting is to bring real-world application of innovative thought tempered by experience, and to build capacity to continue innovation in each organization he serves.

Paul has supported primarily government clients, but also has provided cost, budget and program analysis services to the World Bank Group, the Global Environment Facility, and several commercial firms. His training, consulting and coaching engagements have taken him throughout the United States and Canada, as well as to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and East Asia; his primary customers have been mainly Chief Financial Officers, Installation Commanding Officers, Parliamentarians and Members of Congress and their senior staff. He has frequently presented emerging cost, budget and performance concepts at venues such as the Canadian Association of Management Accountants, the Potomac Forum, the Consortium for Advanced Management-International, the Society for Logistics and similar professional organizations.

Among his many services and accomplishments are three that demonstrate Paul’s dedication to innovation. First, he led a small team that authored the cost recovery methodology becoming most widely used in the US Federal Government today. In the past, Government cost accounting practices set fees and cross-servicing agreements on historical cost, sending organizations’ reimbursable programs into a tailspin and unable to support current needs. Paul’s methodology changed that by focusing on future costs and demands, thus increasing the likelihood that revenues would be there when costs are incurred while still complying with OMB guidance. Second, Paul had the privilege of helping the State and Entity Parliaments in Bosnia-Herzegovina pass convergent Audit Committee legislation; the Republika Serpska assembly chair remarked that this accomplishment constituted the first time the three bodies have been able to achieve convergence in legislation. Finally, Paul designed and provided the quality assurance regime to a nation-wide municipal level effort to implement Activity-Based Costing (ABC) within each municipality in the Republic of Uruguay that allowed the Ministry of Planning to compare performance across the republic.

Paul is co-author of “The Closed Loop: Implementing Activity-Based Planning and Budgeting.”