Experts Offer Advice on Using Data to Restructure Government Workforce

On May 24, the Performance Institute convened a webinar panel of experts to address these mandates and offer best practice advice on how to use data analytics to restructure the workforce. Presentations include the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Management and Budget, and Visier – one of the leading SaaS solution providers in helping government make better talent decisions to improve employee performance, optimize workforce and organizational structure, achieve efficiencies in human resources management, and link critical workforce attributes to mission success.

The panel was convened in response to new initiatives in workforce restructuring that have been undertaken at the federal, state and local levels of government.

The Trump Administration has announced a new initiative to require federal agencies to devise workforce transformation strategies to reduce employee counts and cost while improving employee performance.

Among the steps federal programs are being asked to take: Refine agency data to determine real FTE baselines, Examine total personnel cost, Revise organizational structure and position structures, Streamline policy creation, Review positions as vacancies occur, Keep positions current – in pace with technology advances, Maximize employee performance through effective performance communication and reviews, Train managers and staff, and Establish real-time manager support mechanisms.

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