New Trump Management Mandates: Workforce Transformation and Program Restructuring

The White House Office of Management and Budget is out with a series of directives and budget guidance that require all federal program managers to make substantial changes in how they manage their programs. The impacts will be felt at the federal, state and local levels of government.
In an April 12, 2017 Memo, OMB instructed every federal program manager to prepare plans for:

  • Near-Term and Long-Term Workforce Reductions
  • Employee Performance Optimization
  • Agency Reorganizations
  • Government-Wide Reorganization Plan
  • Program Performance Tracking and Accountability
  • Performance-Based Budget Justifications

The Performance Institute has developed a number of programs to help government managers understand these new requirements and fulfill them.

First up – the submission of comprehensive Agency Restructuring Plans. Here’s what government managers are being asked to do: Eliminate Duplicative functions, Eliminate Non-Essential functions, Devolve to Appropriate Role (Feds to State/Local & Private), Conduct Cost-Benefit Analysis, Reduce Reporting Burden, Streamline processes and achieve improved Efficiency and Effectiveness, Enhance Customer Service, Better Leverage Technology, Share Data across Silos, Shift to alternative service delivery models, Streamline mission-support functions (Shared Services) and Leverage existing solutions for common requirements.

All of these requirements will be covered at two upcoming Performance Institute forums being held May 15-16, 2017 or July 17-18, 2017: Strategic Planning and Reorganization Initiatives in Government (Register)

Second, federal agencies are being required to devise workforce transformation strategies to reduce employee counts and cost while improving employee performance. Among the steps federal programs are being asked to take: Refine agency data to determine real FTE baselines, Examine total personnel cost, Revise organizational structure and position structures, Streamline policy creation, Review positions as vacancies occur, Keep positions current – in pace with technology advances, Maximize employee performance through effective performance communication and reviews, Train managers and staff, and Establish real-time manager support mechanisms.

All of these requirements will be covered at an upcoming Performance Institute webinar on May 24, 2017: Workforce Analytics for Transforming Government (Register)

Third, all federal, state and local government programs will be required to use performance measures and data analytics to justify budget requests and grant funding requests. All of these requirements will be covered the week of June 20-23, 2017 with the forum on Data Analytics and Performance Budgeting for Government (Register)

Time is of the essence in meeting these new mandates as the Trump White House OMB will be using federal program submissions on these mandates during this summer’s budget reviews.

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