The November National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) Event

A great group of participants and speakers gathered in November for the first in a series of three National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) events hosted by The Performance Institute (PI). The session looked ahead to the coming of FirstNet from the perspective of the agencies and other professional groups that will become future users of the secure broadband network.


Agency and state and federal strategic planners came together led by an expert group of speakers:

  • Ed Parkinson of the FirstNet leadership team provided an overview of the new organization. He outlined FirstNet plans going forward and painted a vision of the “To-Be” state of mission-critical communications.
  • John Santo recapped the evolution of mission-critical communications, from simple analog FM radio in the early 1980s, leading up to the current state, and the need to plan for the changes ahead.
  • Finally, Rear Admirals Jamie Barnett, former FCC Bureau Chief, Bob Day, retired CIO of the U.S. Coast Guard, and Ray Lehr, Maryland FirstNet Single Point of Contact and State Wide Interoperability Coordinator focused on transition issues and benefits.


Through open dialogue nurtured by PI’s user-friendly format, everyone came away with new insights and greater understanding. What became clear was that once you scratch the surface, the future broadband network holds complexities that deserve the attention of individual agencies, state officials, and the community of interest.


Click here to visit PI’s website to view presentations and more from the event. Also, learn more about future events in this series discussing NPSBN needs:

  • Future policy needs
  • Information security requirements
  • Technology gaps and solutions
  • IT core Infrastructure upgrades
  • Operation update needs for front line operators
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