Obama Management Framework Outlined

The Obama administration has outlined its management agenda based on six themes aimed at “building a high-performing government,” the analytical perspectives volume of the fiscal 2010 budget stated.

The first focus will be on replacing the Bush administration’s Program Assessment Rating Tool with a performance improvement and analysis framework. Despite the attempt to distance itself from PART, observers say the Obama team is not eliminating it entirely, but working to improve it. While the Bush administration focused on program scores, the Obama administration will focus on utilizing the program data to emphasize performance trends for program implementation.

Another major theme, according to the budget document, is to transform the federal workforce. The reform agenda seeks to expand the civil service by hiring several hundred thousands of federal employees over the next four years. These job opportunities will attempt to “restore the prestige of public service.” The Office of Personnel Management is leading initiatives to help agencies develop workforce plans, with an emphasis on training programs to ensure top young talent and improving methods of evaluating employee’s work.

Other themes identified include: ensuring responsible spending of economic stimulus funding, managing across sectors, reforming federal contracting and promoting transparency, technology and participatory democracy. All which can be found in more detail in the analytical perspectives volume.

To read more about the analytical perspectives: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/Analytical_Perspectives/

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