The Guide to Running the Government

The IBM Center for the Business of Government has released an “operating” manual for the next administration with the goal of easing the pains of the administration transition. Succinct and written in a series of memos and brief interviews, the guide focuses on eight areas, including: leadership, performance, people, money, contracting, technology, innovation and collaboration. This approach resulted in an easy-to-absorb and valuable handbook that should be read by all in the incoming leadership to minimize the affects of the upcoming transition.

“The Performance Institute has worked closely with the IBM Center for the Business of Government as we develop joint management recommendations for the next administration. The Operator’s Manual takes many of the key issues we’ve discussed, including performance, collaboration, innovation, and contracting and puts it in a format that allows new managers and appointees to quickly understand the key issues and strategically use them for particular policy goals. The Manual frames management issues using a results-oriented structure that echoes the recommendations of The Performance Institute and all the members of the Government Performance Coalition,” said Jon Desenberg, Senior Policy Director for The Performance Institute.

A must-read for the next administration, the Manual is a successful effort to distill the best practices of government management in a handbook form.

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