Government Performance Manager Certification: An Investment in Your Career and Your Future
Achieving career advancement is growing more competitive each day. Education and professional certification are becoming necessary for promotion, and requirements for coveted positions. To ensure professional success, you must continuously expand your skills and education. The bar has been raised in government agencies and organizations, and managers want to hire, promote and work with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals possible.

In The Performance Institute’s Certified Government Performance Manager (CGPM) program, you will acquire the skills and tools to make you the lead performance management resource for your organization. The program includes a Capstone project — a real project from your agency that you can use to apply concepts, receive expert feedback, all while meeting or exceeding your internal quality standards and deadlines.

Upon completion of your certification, you will gain both a professional distinction and academic credit. The Performance Institute’s courses are accredited through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). You can use The Performance Institute’s CGPM certification as a stepping stone to your PMP® certification or SHRM certification and continue to further your education.

How the Program Works

The Certified Government Performance Manager program design is simple — take three core courses, three electives, and complete a Capstone project. Although the structure is simple, no two people will have the same experience, and each person will receive the individual attention necessary for success.

The Core Courses
Strategic Planning – Planning is the most important stage of any program or project. How can you evaluate success or failure without defined outcomes? Learn to think strategically from the beginning in this course using The Performance Institute’s preferred planning methodology, the Logic Model.
Developing and Using Performance Measures - Once your plan is in place, you must develop the measures to determine success. Measures can do more than tell you what happened — effective measures can help you deliver results as your program or project progresses. Learn to create measures that are linked to your strategy and give you useful, actionable data.
Performance-Based Budgeting – No project or program is immune to budget concerns. Once your performance measures are linked to your strategy and outcomes, your budget must align to those goals, as well. Using the Logic Model, The Performance Institute uses a Ten-Step Methodology for developing a performance-based budget.
Elective Courses
The Institute offers a variety of elective course year-round to fulfill your course requirements. From courses on Program Evaluation and PMP® Prep to Grants Management and Succession Planning training, we offer a comprehensive list of elective courses that will help develop and refine the specific skills you need as a government manager. Visit our events page to see a complete listing of upcoming events.


The Capstone Project
Once your training is complete, the final stage of your certification is the Capstone project. Most certification candidates use a real project from their agency, using the time and expert advice to meet real deadlines. Sample projects have included:
  • Revising the Strategic Planning Project for the National Credit Union Administration
  • Development of New Performance Measures for the Chattanooga Housing Authority
  • From The Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, the Center for Planning and Analysis (CPA) Evaluation for the Office of Administration’s (ADM), Security and Facilities Program

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