Research Reports

In The Performance Institute’s ongoing effort to help create a transparent, accountable and performance-based government, we have collaborated with government agencies and other good-government groups to produce a number of research reports. These reports address government problems with logical, definable and measurable solutions, relying on our knowledge bank of performance measures and best-practice management strategies.

Featured Research Report

agile-coverProgram Management for Agile: Retooling your approach for Agile Success

About this Report
Agile has reached a tipping point. A majority of private and public organizations have turned to a modular, or incremental development approach, with Agile being among the most common frameworks. The challenge for program managers and other senior leaders lies in the iterative and incremental approach to requirements and solutions, which only evolve through continuous collaboration with customers and stakeholders. Coupled with a delegation and a reliance on empow¬ered teams to make decisions, new management and control mechanisms appear to be needed as Agile processes are broadly put to use.

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